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6 March
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actress. singer. dancer. lover. democrat. dreamer. vegetarian. stagedoorer. fanmailer. rock star. bitch. snob. elitist. socialite. wannabe. future lawyer. young. photographer. lobbyist. worried. loud. unique. curious. obsessive. realist. agnostic. outspoken. liberal. artsy. fashionista. creative. weird. dorky. insane. beautiful. ugly. unsure. ambitious. not afraid of anything.
joshua michael cartee. broadway. sutton foster. sondheim. sweeney todd. company. light in the piazza. little women. spelling bee. spring awakening. last 5 years. legally blonde. passion. into the woods. grey gardens. lauren molina. carolee carmello. kelli o'hara. celia keenan-bolger. sarah saltzberg. regina spektor. jesse tyler ferguson. barrett foa. kate shindle. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. garden state. norbert leo butz. raul esparza. julia murney. moulin rouge. running with scissors. catcher in the rye. sherie rene scott. bernadette peters. christian borle. house. project runway. will & grace. six feet under. tastiskank. &many more.
is adored.
"Elyse is funny and inventive without resorting to bashing Broadway people, as I frequently do. Also, she is very kind and caring even after I commented her with like half a page of Sutton insults. By and large, Elyse could be considered the future of Broadway, post-modern in the sense that in any conversation with her, she will likely reference at least 5 Broadway shows or stars." -Nico (truebohemian).

"Elyse is very spiffy. She is Ceely, Clara, Sutton, Lomo, Jo, Marta, and all the others... but don't call her any of those names. She's going to become Sutton Foster someday. We tend to make up scenarios involving drunk Spelling Bee castmembers and ourselves (and get your minds out of the gutter, kids, the worst that happened was Jose lost a sock). She's a devoted Sondheimist and that just makes her even cooler. Basically, Elyse > Patti LuPone, and don't you forget it. :D" -Liz (herosquad).

"Though I've been her friend for a short amount of time, I know Elyse is a very cool girl. She's funny, nice, and makes the best entires. I love how she always ends her comments/entries with "♥ Elyse", because it makes me feel loved. I look forward to getting to know her better. GO ADD HER!" -Jenny (unamazedami)

"Elyse is the most amazing person I've ever met. She's changed my life in countless ways and I love her with all my heart." -Joshua (boyfriend ♥).
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